Motorbike Pathways

Motorbike Pathways


The parish council have invested in numerous warning signs located on the specific "hot spots", meaning that once past the sign, the motorcycle users are committing an offence, so we encourage residents to keep reporting any sightings to 101 to support our work with our local police team.

There are specific routes available for motorbikes to use; Public Byways Open To All Traffic (BOTAT) or Unsurfaced Country Roads (UCR) and carry vehicular rights according to the county council.

We have uploaded this map onto the parish website if you would like to look. The BOTAT and UCR are highlighted in green.

The routes highlighted in red are Bridleways, and therefore do not carry vehicular rights.

Some Footpaths have also been highlighted in red as these may be subject to illegal use (knowingly or unknowingly) by vehicles once they get to the end of particular dead end byways.

In summary, the signs are up, so call 101!

Posted: Fri, 17 Jan 2020 11:26 by Annie Callingham

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