Minorca Development

Council heard from Philip Metcalfe, Green Infrastructure & Planning Officer for The National Forest, regarding the potential purchase of this area by The National Forest.

Philip explained that The National Forest is always keen to purchase land across the district to plant trees and make more green spaces more attractive.

It is looking to acquire 190 acres of the Minora site to plant trees, and in time, create footpaths and bridal paths for local residents and dog walkers etc. There are no plans for facilities, café, gravel paths etc and as such is classed as a "low key" site.

The main objective is primarily focussed on the woodland, for biodiversity, carbon sequestration and habitat connectivity, and the current plan is to acquire the area at the start of 2020. The first trees would be planted in the spring of 2020 and with subsequent planting every winter thereafter. We will keep you updates on any developments, but feel free to look at the proposed map for more detail.

Posted: Fri, 18 Oct 2019 19:00 by Annie Callingham

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