The Belper Arms Update: from Heineken

Further to the parish council's previous communication regarding the opening date of The Belper, we have received an update from Heineken today.There is a manager, chef and catering team ready to start, however the frustrations now lie with the premises which is holding up an official opening date. There is a reoccurring flood in the cellar, which has been pumped out three times in the last 2 weeks while the preparation and sanitisation work has been taking place, and today when the pub was opened, yet again the cellar was under 3 feet of water. Obviously Heineken are reluctant to restock until this problem has been sorted.So the current state of play is that Heineken are working with Severn Trent to try to locate the issue as the source doesn't appear to be within the building itself. If anyone knows of any history with this issue or natural springs in the area, please share this so that we can inform Heineken asap.We know that concerns have been raised regarding the "Pub for Lease" sign that has been put up recently, however this is purely just to advertise the recruitment for a long term landlord/lady. This sign should have been displayed a few months ago, and isn't anything more sinister.Heineken have assured us that once this issue has been cleared, they will be nearer to an official opening date.

Posted: Thu, 21 Mar 2019 19:47 by Annie Callingham

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