Your Parish Councillors

Swepstone Parish Council covers the villages of Swepstone and Newton Burgoland. There are 5 members who are re-elected every 4 years. Parish Council elections took place in 2019 whereupon the current councillors were voted in.

Cllr Paul Cook

Paul and his wife Vicky returned to the East Midlands and settled in Swepstone in 2014. He brings considerable business and education skills for the benefit of the council and community.

Your other Local Elected Representatives

The Wragg's Yard

Members of the Wraggs Yard Committee are:

Paul Pugsley (Chairman)

Tim McCaskie (Vice Chairman)

John Edwards (Treasurer)

David Gothard

Ainsley Hollingsworth

Matt Watson

If you have any questions regarding the Wraggs Yard, please look at our Face Book page or e-mail

North West Leicestershire District Council

Member of Parliament

North West Leicestershire

Andrew Bridgen MP
House of Commons

Tel: 020 7219 5756