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Latest News

Hanging Baskets

We want to highlight that following Ellistown Parish Council raised that their hanging baskets had been stolen, and it has now been reported to us that Heather Parish Council have had 7 hanging baskets stolen. Please be diligent.

Wed, 27 Jun 2018 12:36 by Annie Callingham

Demand Responsive Transport Strategy - Your views please

The county council continues to face significant financial challenges with budget plans recently announced to save another £50m across all areas of the council.

One of the ways to make the best use of money available is to ensure passenger transport services best meet the essential transport needs of people in attending health appointments, making shopping trips and, in some cases, into employment. More »

LCC are consulting over the next 12 weeks on a new passenger transport policy and strategy which will help to ensure they meet our statutory duties, while achieving the best use of money in supporting local passenger transport services.

Here is the link to the consultation information that LCC is carrying out until 13 June 2018 on local passenger transport (which includes the number 7 bus service) -

https://www.leicestershire.gov.uk/have-your-say/current-consultations/consultation-on-passenger-transport-policy-strategy » Less

Wed, 09 May 2018 17:05 by Annie Callingham

Permanent Travellers Site Appeal - Aylesbury Gardens

The Parish Council have opposed the granting of planning permission for a permanent travellers site in the village. This has been supported by North West Leicestershire District Council and the Travellers planning application has been refused.

An appeal has been set for 13th June and your views are important. If you have already expressed a view this will be taken into account, but it would be helpful if you would write to the address below and simply say "I have previously expressed a view in opposition to the granting of planning permission and would like my previously expressed views to be taken into account". More »

If you have not previously expressed a view ,or want to add further to your comments then you may do so, and it would be helpful if you did, write to the address below to express those views.

Please note that views must be on planning grounds and not on prejudicial or emotional grounds.

Planning grounds could be any of the following: –

1 - The site is inappropriate and has been rejected as an appropriate site by the council and planning inspectors in the past and there has been no material change of circumstances.

2 - The site is untidy and is an intrusion into open countryside and is particularly visible on the road in winter but also at night when the lights from the site break up the darkness of the open countryside

3 - There are other sites in the area that are more appropriate for development of this type

4 - The infrastructure to the site particularly public transport to and from the site is inadequate particularly for families.

5 - Granting planning permission sets a precedent for further development there is currently an application for a dwelling nearby the site. Other land is used for horses and it is feared that both ribbon development or applications for similar sites might be hard to resist if this one was granted.

If you wish to make comments, or modify/withdraw your previous representation, you can do so on the Planning Portal at https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk or by emailing north2@pins.gsi.gov.uk.

If you do not have access to the internet, you can send three copies to:

Ruth Howell, The Planning Inspectorate, Room 3N Kite, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol, BS1 6PN.

All comments sent to the inspector are read and helpful. » Less

Tue, 24 Apr 2018 11:00 by Annie Callingham